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Which program are you best suited to be a part of? Get the answer to this question and learn more about how reselling our solutions or referring us clients can enable you to rapidly grow your business...


Become A Certified Reseller

Our reseller program enables companies of various sizes and specialties to broaden their service offerings and increase revenue.

If your company already offers products or services to the same types of clients that we serve, reselling our websites, cloud-based software, and online marketing solutions under your own company name could be a great way to create growth within your business without a large investment or hiring an entire team of new staff.

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Being a certified reseller offers your company the potential for incredible growth without hiring new staff or putting capital at risk

Take Business To The Next Level

Enhance the image of your brand, elevate your image, increase revenue, offer more complete solutions – it’s ALL possible when you become our certified reseller! Plus, the way we work with our resellers is super simple. There are no concerns about conflicts of interest or complicated situations. After all, our solutions are resold under YOUR company name. That means we work behind the scenes while you keep your relationship with your client. What a rare business-building opportunity!

Get Certified

We can work with resellers anywhere as training is available online and through a series of conference calls and constant contact with the reseller and members of their staff who are being certified.
During reseller certification training, we teach a reseller everything they need to know to successfully sell our solutions. From technical basics, to learning how to present and price our solutions, finalize sales contracts, and answer common questions – we’ve got you covered! As a part of the reseller start-up process, we can also furnish your company with incredible sales tools that will become very valuable resources when working with your clients.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We are able to honor all requests for confidentiality, and we take this commitment very seriously. All of our reseller agreements make it clear that we work behind the scenes to provide our solutions and ongoing support. We never intervene into your relationship with your client. Our business arrangement with resellers is strictly confidential.

TML Team

Tech Support

Due to our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional service and support long after a project is completed...

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Due to our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional service and support long after a project is completed, those in our reseller and referral programs receive the peace of mind of knowing that their clients’ needs are covered by our talented group of support technicians.

TML Team

High-Quality Solutions

The quality of our websites, online marketing, and cloud-based software solutions is second to none and built to...

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The quality of our websites, online marketing, and cloud-based software solutions is second to none and built to IMPRESS & PERFORM – that explains why we’ve been thriving since 2002! Interested in becoming a certified reseller or joining our referral program? Learn more about our winning solutions! Got clients in the medical industry? Awesome! Get to know all about our medical affiliate, Medicis Marketing, a company whose healthcare marketing solutions are also PERFECTLY SUITED for our certified resellers and companies in our referral program!

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Referral Program

We know you’re busy! That’s why getting started with our referral program is quick & simple.

Many of our certified resellers initially joined our referral program. The referral program is great for companies who don’t have the staff to resell our solutions, or those who simply have no preference for offering our solutions under their own company name.

Our referral program offers generous compensation & incentives for companies who refer us clients

  • Online Marketing
    Everyone Wins

    Becoming a part of our referral program requires no training or investment. Whether you have a few clients to refer us or can regularly refer several clients per month, being a part of our referral program is simple and beneficial for everyone involved - including the client you refer!

  • Online Marketing
    Customized Relationships

    Every company who refers us clients is different. That’s why all of our terms, compensation, and incentives are customized based on your company’s unique needs, preferences, and anticipated referral volume.

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